i’ve been tagged again, so here goes! i’m not gonna tag anyone else this time since i’ve already tagged a bunch of people. XD 

for you:

1 - pipe or cigar? pipe, but i don’t smoke. i wish i had a pipe. pipes are cool. 

2 - favorite gum flavor? i have an irrational phobia of gum. i only chew it very occasionally and i regret it every time. 

3 - preferred method of mass destruction? my lack of ability to keep my room clean is rather a hurricane of mass destruction. everything is thrown everywhere and in the end the sanity of my mother is destroyed. XD

4 - creedence clearwater revival or the beatles? beatles, but i like both.

5 - book you have liked the least? MOBY DICK. THAT BOOK IS AWFUL. well, a lot of people like it, so i won’t say it was awful, but i will say i hated it with a passion and i did not understand it and reading it was torturous to me. 

6 - how will i ever get out of this labyrinth? read the book and find out.

7 - comedy or drama? both, depending on the story.

8 - in a fight between a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco, which would win? YOUR FACE.

9 - road trip, unlimited funds and snacks.  where would you go? CALI!!!!! 

10 - what do you fear? spiders and gum. 

11 - chapstick, blistex, or burt’s bees? chapstick. 

if you get any of the references i made, props to you.  if you got them all, we are best friends. (hehehehhe i got them.)