" I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be "

adventurer. writer.

(parenthetical interruptions)

adventurer. writer.

well that was traumatizing.

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it’s fascinating to me how many people look at tv shows and type the characters wrong. 

like it seems perfectly obvious to me that dean winchester is istj and that castiel is infp and sam is enfj. 

or that harry is infj and hermione is infp and luna is intp. 

and many other fandoms. 

but people tend to see what these characters are portraying on the outside and they don’t take the time to see the motivations behind what the characters do. and yet, their real personalities are so strong.

i don’t get it.

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If you want to ruin a song forever use it for your alarm

and play it every tuesday just to freak yourself out.

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i have had the most depressing scene in my head since the last episode of supernatural. i need to write it but i don’t want to. 

darn words showing up when i don’t want you.

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i can’t. 

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how to brain but died can’t words life stuff things nope 

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i should be packing for my trip to san diego tomorrow, but i am getting distracted by sending ned castiel pictures. 

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can we all just take a moment to think about how freaking awesome kevin tran is.

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i haven’t seen the doctor who episode yet, but i am having a hard time having pity for the feels when i know supernatural is airing on wednesday and i am going to die. 

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new headcanons being formed. 

i just kind of love that good omens and supernatural are so compatible. 

it was meant to be.

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just sitting over here laughing at supernatural discussions mixed with hemingway jokes. 

typical night with mah friends. 


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i’m watching x-files. 

and all of a sudden ash shows up. 

and then next thing i know, ava’s there too. 


that is all. 

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today i: 

  • stayed home from church because i was feeling icky
  • watched eight episodes of x-files because i can
  • ate pizza for dinner and had coffee for breakfast
  • watched hugo with my parents (and subsequently geeked out because MORDRED!) 
  • decided that the character of hugo is basically castiel from supernatural if he were 13 years old (which i realize is totally impossible, but it’s SO PERFECT)
  • wrote some
  • talked to ned on skype (IN PROGRESS)
  • got into an interesting discussion with some friends
  • realized that i have to do laundry tomorrow and vacuum my house

wooot. exciting. 

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jo harvelle is kind of my favorite girl character ever on supernatural. just sayin’. i love her. 

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