"Each of us is comprised of stories, stories not only about ourselves but stories about ancestors we never knew and people we’ve never met. We have stories we love to tell and stories we have never told anyone. The extent to which others know us is determined by the stories we choose to share. We extend a deep trust to someone when we say, “I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone.” Sharing stories creates trust because through stories we come to a recognition of how much we have in common."
Julius Lester (via writingquotes)

dear sammy, 

i am working on our adventures so i can send you and ned some tonight. i’m getting to the scary part! heehee. o.o

i don’t know what time i shall send it out at, but it should be sometime before midnight. XD

this has been a public service announcement. 



Well, your magic character could have caused the explosion. haha

ooh, now there’s an idea… MAGIC EXPLOSION! BOOM!

Btw, I love that you can write fantasy ‘cause I just can’t. At least I don’t think that I could.

haha, i’m the opposite. i have a really hard time writing anything that isn’t fantasy. i really admire people that don’t write fantasy because it just looks so hard to me. X) 

writing the sad part of my story. 

i may or may not cry. 

which is weird because i don’t cry. 


at all.