this is obviously not the phantom it wasn’t sealed with a wax skull POINTS DEDUCTED I WILL SET FIRE TO YOUR CURTAINS FOR IMPERSONATION SIR

she will. it’ll be highly unfortunate. and also messy.

Then you can eat allll the Panera mac and cheese because that stuff is godly

i admit, i have only ever eaten at panera once. this is going to change because now i must try this mac and cheese.

no those are your three descriptive words



*takes cheeseburger and swallows*

would you like fries with that?

probably because they know you ate the boogie man and are secretly hiding wicked dance moves
(hi bert i’m talking to people on your tumblr)

hehehehehheheheheheheh. silly ned.

and it does erase your replies, but they show up in my notifications.

:O I just got winked at by a member of the opposite gender. [Castiel nervous stare]


/gives cheeseburgers to make up for making you nervous

except for the waiter. i would be sneaking back purely to make out with him.

of course. i wouldn’t expect any less.

together we shall be en/ps’ manic pixie dream girls and go prancing into the sunset. (only sneaking back in the dead of night to throw rocks at them and run away laughing.)

best plan ever. 


i knew you would understand. :3

i’m still kind of confused about lady grace being in ya. it’s, what, 12-14ish range? which i guess is sort of ya? can we have another section that’s between ya and juvenile? no, we can’t, because then i’d have to do even more sorting and shelving.

yeah, same. cause the character is just turning 13, which is a little too old for juvenile and a little too young for ya.

omg you do the same? Like when I do my laundry I toss it on the bed and it goes from bed to floor to bed again.

hahaha yeah. i’m trying to get better at putting my clothes away because i like having my room clean and tidy, but it’s been an ongoing struggle to remember and motivate myself to actually do it. XD

If I remember The Divine Comedy correctly, paperwork is in the deepest circle of hell right next to Judas, Brutus, & Cassius.

aha! no wonder. o.o i think i signed my name so many times i forgot how to spell it.



I love the book of James omg

james is another one of my favorites, too. james and romans and 2 timothy. (and most of the new testament, actually.)

AND I USE THAT ALL THE TIME, HOW DARE YOU. i must meet him. i will come in with purple gloves and a suspicious manner and say there’s a problem.