i’m just dying to create something beautiful but my creative inspiration is just dead. 

what happened to it? where did it go? 

maybe i just need to rearrange my room and write those 5,000 words i need to write today. 


that’s it.

going to go to bed in a few and spend some time actually reading instead of writing. 

i wrote 4,000 words today. 

i love my new story concept cause each section is ending up to be exactly 1,000 words and it makes my ocd happy. 

also, ned and i just broke 54,000 words in the nano novel she and i are writing together. 

which is pretty awesome. i wonder how much we’ll have written by the end of november? 

did a word sprint with sooth. 

wrote almost 1,000 words in fifteen minutes. 

i am now up to 3,000 words for the day, and another 1,000 to go at least. maybe more. 


conquered 2,000 words so far today. 

gonna try for another 2,000 before bed. maybe more. 

for now, taking a break to continue cleaning my room. 

yay. fun times.

managed to write 3,000 words today. i wonder if i can make another thousand before bed. probably not, but hey, it’s worth a try.

another 1,000 and i’ll be past 10,000 words.

finally hit 8,000 words. 

yay me!

now, small break, and then MOAR WORDZ!

just had dinner. 

leftovers from our thanksgiving feast yesterday. 

still don’t like turkey. X)

i know, that’s terrible, isn’t it? 

now, for another 500 words and then i can take a break to clean some stuff. 

and then, BACK TO WRITING.

first bit of my nano story

Sunshine streamed through the glass windows of the green house and fell on the body of an eighteen year old girl lying on her back in the dirt with a smile on her face. She lay with her eyes closed, soaking in the warmth of the rays, relaxed and happy. A watering can sat abandoned by her head, and a black cat curled up in a wooden crate close by, purring like a small furry lawn mower. 

From the looks of things, she had been laying there quite some time before the sun finally hid itself behind a cloud and the smile slid from her face. Sighing deeply, she sat up and fluffed some leaves and dirt out of her short, dark hair, and reached for the watering can. 

"Come on, Phillip. I guess it’s time to go back inside," she said, rising to her feet and motioning for the cat to follow her. She picked up the watering can, and left the green house, securing the door closed behind her, and made her way slowly across the yard to the small, white house in the distance. 

Happily, she burst through the kitchen door and dumped the watering can into the sink while Phillip hopped up onto the counter and sat staring at the clock on the wall while the girl did the dishes and laid them out to dry on the counter. 

"Don’t get any ideas, wise guy," she said, reaching out to brush her fingers over the cat’s ears. She narrowed her eyes and Phillip blinked up at her lazily, flicking his tail back and forth. 

Laughing, she dropped a towel on Phillip’s back before floating into the living room, scanning the bookshelves for something to read. Her fingers trailed along the worn bindings until she came to a light blue book, which she pulled off the shelf, and retreated to her favorite pink arm chair in the corner of the room by the window. 

She had only been reading for ten minutes when Phillip sauntered into the room and leaped onto the chair beside her, curling up on the arm and purring loudly and insistently. 

"You know, if I weren’t so dreadfully lonely, I’d have kicked you out ages ago, you useless beast," she said, reaching out to run her fingers through the cat’s fur affectionately. "Well, lucky for you, I need you around." 

need write words stuff things behind but can’t cuz tumblr

i’m at 6,750 words now.

i need to be at 36,666 words by midnight tonight. 

i’m gonna try to get as close as i can. 


currently: i have 5,000 words in my nano novel. 

should have: about 33,000 by now.

that is what happens when you scrap your novel midmonth. 

THANK GOD the holidays are coming and i have time off so i can work on this. 

in other news, my two main characters don’t want to tell me their names, but the cat is insisting his name is Phillip. leave it to me to have a story where only the cat has a name. :P


a character just introduced herself. and apparently she has a black cat named phillip. who names their cat phillip? interesting. 

i get the feeling she’s rather eclectic like that. 


it’s day 12 of nanowrimo. 

and i just scrapped my idea and decided to start completely from scratch. 

i have never done this before. 

but my character is not talking to me. 

and i am tired of my idea. 

so i’m starting over. 

with absolutely nothing. 


wish me luck!

sometimes our words get out of hand

tipying rtuobles?
my word got mixed up
it wanted to be something else
it said i lied to it when i told it it could be whatever it wanted when it grew up and that was a lot of its
they're breeding
>.> <.<
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